Solo exhibition featuring new paintings by Sara Post


Show Date : October 12, 2018 through November 2, 2018

Second Saturday Opening Reception : October 13, 2018; 6pm-9pm


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Artist’s Statement

Sara Post’s Weather is the culmination of an extended landscape project begun in summer of 2017. Land and weather, in the form of summer storms, began to work their way into Post’s paintings during an artists’ retreat in southern Wisconsin. When she returned to California she initiated a series of paintings noting the influence of weather on landscape, reflecting changes in air, light and humidity. She drew and photographed weather moving across the land and brought those rough ideas back to the studio. This project includes locations along the North Coast, Lassen, the Sierra Nevada, the Sacramento Delta and the Central Valley. Sara Post combines painting and drawing in her work using oil pigment sticks, oil paint, wax, and a variety of drawing materials. Her paintings are the result of close observation transformed by imagination—of working with sense impressions as well as with appearances.