Pop-up exhibition featuring new paintings by Kathy Manthei Coulson


Show Date : October 12, 2018 through November 2, 2018

Second Saturday Opening Reception : October 13, 2018; 6pm-9pm


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Artist’s Statement

Layered. Stitched. Woven. Fastened. Fused. As an artist I attempt to captures infinite horizons--earth, ocean and sky. Ever changing luminescent light is reflected from a multitude of vantage points on each mixed media piece. Acrylic paint is often layered on canvas over textured surfaces built up with metallic plasters and gel mediums.  Metal reactive paints, rust activator and oxidizing solutions are applied to create a fluid range of atmospheric conditions and ethereal dimensions, at times accented with textured, metallic, glazed ceramic, bronze hardware or vintage buttons. Oxidized, rusty abstract forms emerge on sewn paper layered over copper mesh or dipped in resin. Acrylic interference, iridescent mediums and micaceous oxides create light shift and shimmering, reflective color play. Meant to be viewed from different angles at varying times of day, each piece offers a glimpse into an oxidized abstract landscape, a dark brooding monsoon, a sky ablaze at dawn or the peaceful calm within.  I enjoy experimenting with various translucent and reactive media in documenting the diverse and ever changing horizons and natural beauty of the world around me.